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Have you ever thought about playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on Android and iOS devicess? Now our team has made it possible by downloading the beta version of GTA 5. It is of course the full version of GTA V, where you can do missions and play online! Our team worked with Rockstar to make Grand Theft Auto V available to you before it was officially released. Thanks to our company, you can test beta version of GTA 5 on android and ios.

 We ask all our clients / players to report any errors/bugs with GTA 5 to our company or Rockstar. This will help us reduce the number of errors during the official launch of the game. Because the game is not officially released, we only allow selected users to download the game. You will need to verify your identity by completing the offer in the game. The APK file can be downloaded on our homepage. Our team is always happy to answer your question or suggestion. If you have any questions, go to the contact page and send a message. Please, do not ask us to remove the verification process because we can not allow everyone to use the beta version.